This website Ohio Adult Driver Education is a product of 2Cool Traffic School.  At 2Cool we believe in making learning fun.  When we entered the online education market we did extensive research on all the products available and to be honest, they were boring.  We knew we could bring a lot to the table in online traffic school e-learning.  So we used our skills and talents to set a new direction for the industry.  Just look around at how many of our competitors now offer some kind of audio or even video courses. That didn’t exist before we came along.

Because of our efforts everyone has had to up their game in the industry.  Before we came along all there was were online courses that were just long pages of reading.  No real effort was put into the products to make them enjoyable for the students.  They just disseminated information in the easiest way for the developer to create it so you could push through to get it done.  Some new companies are still creating these types of less desirable courses.

We introduced Sam, our online animated guide that takes you through the class just like a lecturer in an in person class.  Many of us learn better by hearing the information because it frees up your brain to visualize what you are hearing.  This improves comprehension and retention.  But that isn’t all.  We included videos and other forms of e-learning like fun activities to help you grasp concepts and really understand what you are learning.

We believe it is important that you gain the knowledge so you really understand the concepts presented and know the material.  Not just cram information in so you pass the test.  Our courses are really easy and they are intended that way.  We are not trying to trick you or show you how smart we are.  We are here to help you and developing a course that is really easy for everyone is a great step in that direction.  So if you are psyched up for some super difficult learning experience, you’re going to be a little disappointed.

Not only are our courses more fun and enjoyable, but we price them competitively.  It may not seem that way when you see ads for $5 and $7 courses but that is just slick advertising tactics. When you get to their website and into the shopping cart you will see that you need to add on all kinds of extra’s that cost you more money to get the standard course we offer.   So, you not only get what we feel is a better product, but you get it at the industry standard price.  In some cases we even include extra products in our bundles that make them a much greater value for our students.

We understand that most persons are looking for the cheapest way to get through taking your drivers license exams but the lowest priced traffic schools are not necessarily the best option.  Value should be a consideration and we believe we offer the best value.