State Requirements

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Program

State Requirements

In an effort to ensure that new drivers are prepared for the challenges of driving, any first time driver (18 or older) that fails their first attempt at the road test and/or maneuverability test are required to complete an Abbreviated Adult Training Course. The state requirements are broken down below.

4 Hours of Online or Classroom Instruction

In order to meet the first portion of the Abbreviated Adult Program requirements, you must attend either an online or classroom abbreviated adult driver program that has been approved by the State of Ohio.

Behind-the-Wheel Practice
Once you've taken the course, you are required to have some behind-the-wheel practice. To meet this requirement, you can either spend 24-hours practicing your driving with a licensed driver or spend 4 hours with a state-licensed instructor.

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Ohio Adult Driver Education Online

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Approved by the State of Ohio

The state of Ohio has a lengthy process that all providers for the 4 hour Abbreviated Adult Driver Course. Until they have completed the rigorous vetting procedure, the state will not accept the course. Our course has been vetted and approved by the Ohio Department of Public Safety Driver Training Program, so you can rest assured that our course will be accepted towards your requirement.

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Our course incorporates the best practices of eLearning technology -- which means that you get the best user experience! Full narration, activities and videos make this course a unique twist on traditional classroom options. Plus, you don't have to set an appointment or work with our schedule. You can complete your adult driver education online. Start and stop the course whenever you want!

Ohio Behind-the-Wheel Requirement

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24 hours of driving with a licensed driver

Students have the option to meet the behind-the-wheel requirement of their Abbreviated Adult Training Course by driving with a licensed driver (at least 21 years or older). If you choose to utilize this option, you will be required to provide a signed affidavit to the DMV.

OR 4 hours with a licensed driving instructor

Students who choose to spend 4 hours practicing with a licensed driving instructor may do so, however:

  • You must complete at least 2 hours of online/classroom instruction before taking a physical driving class
  • After the 4 hours of driving practice, you will have an on-road evaluation performed by the instructo